Early Links + Variants + Add To Cart Links

100% Accurate early links, variants, and even add to cart links for manual users are provided for the hottest drops. Not only is Kith scraped for safety, but the links are provided by the source.


Exclusive + Discounted Group Buys

Some of the best software can be tough to acquire. Luckily, Endurance has the best connections in the game to help you obtain the resources you need. Furthermore, there is fantastic software available now with very high retails. To suit your budget, Endurance will get you the discount you need.


Massive Site Lists + Raffle Lists

Every site and raffle list is carefully crafted in an organized fashion to make sure you never miss a single drop. Every retailer and social media account is scraped for relevant data to make sure every single drop is exploited, no matter how low-key.


In Depth Guides

To help you manage your time in the most efficient manner, release guides are prepared for the hottest drops. Kick back, relax, and let Endurance do work for you. Additionally, after a new group buy, set up guides will be prepared along with numerous general guides to aid in your endeavors.


Large Focus on Non Shopify Monitors

There are currently over 50 non shopify sites monitored. We monitor these sites on product urls to avoid undesirable products from coming up. If members want a product removed or added, it will be done! Some of the 50+ sites being monitored include SNS, BSTN, Supreme, Adidas, Nike SNKRS, Nike.com, Footsites, Footpatrol, Size?, SVD, Urban Jungle, Foot District, and many many more! Members have the freedom to request what sites they want monitored as well!


Fastest / Most Consistent Off White Monitor

Manual checkouts will be a breeze with this new addition. A full, in depth guide for using the monitor to its full potential and reshipping for citizens outside of EU is provided to all members. Obtaining desired products from Off White is made easy and thrilling.


Shopify Monitor

You’ll be the very first to know when any of the hundreds of monitored shopify sites restock or shock drop with the lighting fast speed of this monitor. There are quick tasks set up for bot users and add to cart links for manual users. All products are filtered with keywords to make sure you don’t get spammed with undesirable products.


Nike SNKRS US/EU/CN/JP Monitors

You’ll never have to stress about shock drops ever again. More importantly, you’ll know as soon as a SNKRS hunt loads even if its not on front end. You’ll know if there is an AR hunt or a scratch drop before anyone else. In fact, you’ll even see what image to scratch the second it loads on front end. Stop stressing over Nike’s shenanigans.


Ticket Reselling Guidance

There is significant profit to be made reselling tickets for events very frequently. You will be taught the fundamentals behind the market, how to buy, how to sell, and will be given an in depth analysis and chart for every single event to ensure you exploit every profitable event to the fullest extent.


DFS Guidance / Lineups

No knowledge regarding sports is required, in fact, you should not change anything in the lineups suggested. Essentially, Endurance spoon feeds you the required information and lineups to make easy money through DFS daily.


Funko Support

With their low retails, Funko Pops have some of the best profit margins. There are always accurate resale predictions, early info, links, slots, and selling guides for these products. The profit doesn’t come easier than this.



One can make easy lunch money by utilizing the provided trivia bots. Most importantly, we have dedicated staff to provide the answers for big games via voice as well. There are games going on all day. Whenever you have free time, feel free to start playing! Money really doesn’t get any easier than this.


Slots + Carts

Upon every profitable release, free or very cheap slots will be provided for all users. If you’re busy on the day of the drop, Endurance still has your back. There will also be countless free carts for every adidas drop.


Accurate Resale Analysis

Don’t worry about pondering over what products will be profitable. You will know exactly what to purchase or avoid regardless of if the product is a sneaker, piece of apparel, collectable ETC.


In Store Loops

For all big cities of your request, Endurance will get you in the right place at the right time. Whether you prefer first come first serve releases or even in store raffles, you’re covered.


Useful Tools + Resources

There are numerous unique tools to aid your profit potential. For example, some tools include an Undefeated account generator, StockX & GOAT price checker, fee checker, social media bot monitor, universal fee calculator, password page monitor ETC.


Proxy Generator + Discounted Proxies

In Endurance, you have access to a proxy generator like no other. You will be able to easily generate 60-100ms date center proxies with Endurance’s proxy generator and usage guide. There will be frequent deals for the best discounted proxies!


Profitable Product Release Calendar

Members have access to a full in depth release calendar with non profitable products filtered out. The calendar is updated daily, well formatted, and includes the following: Date, Retail, Average Resale, Profit, Profit Margin, Special Sizes, Sell/Hold, and Final Notes. Never miss out on a profitable drop.



Endurance’s community is like no other. The community is filled with people willing to lend a helping hand. The activity is also extremely high 24/7. If you’re looking for a place to learn or just chill out between drops, feel free to join the voice chat or even share comedic content in the memes channel. Endurance’s members welcome you to join.